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FamSAFE provides a range of strategic, administrative, educational and tactical services to our clients who are seeking to build, enhance or excel in their safeguarding approach.

Incident Response Services

Complaints & Case Management

Complaints, incidents and allegations impacting the health, safety or wellbeing of a child or vulnerable person are serious. It is essential that organisations have the skills, knowledge and processes to ensure a timely, respectful, transparent and procedurally compliant process. FamSAFE can undertake, lead, support or advise on complaints and case management matters.

Managing complaints and cases of matters involving children, vulnerable people and their families also requires a victim-centric, trauma-informed approach to ensure complainants are appropriately supported and empowered. Our approach supports state and territory requirements, industry requirements (such as those prescribed under the Reportable Conduct Scheme) as well as best-practice recommendations provided by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Investigations into child safety complaints and matters prescribed under the Reportable Conduct Scheme require a set of specialised skills. We offer investigation and assessment support, as well as advice to organisations that are facing the responsibility of conducting these investigations.

Our network of investigators hold a Certificate IV in Government Investigations or higher, and have decades of industry experience in interviewing vulnerable witnesses, victims and respondents. Our affiliate organisation WISE Workplace are experts in ensuring human resource and employment law obligations are upheld and recognised in circumstances where investigations relate to the conduct of employees, contractors and volunteers.

FamSAFE promises a victim-centric, trauma-informed approach to help your organisation through this process in a way that reduces the risk of psychological harm to those involved in the process.

ICAM Root Cause Analysis

Investigations focus on the incident. An ICAM focus on the root cause of that incident, identifying the factors which enabled or contributed to the incident occurring.

FamSAFE adopted the Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM) methodology to review safety, abuse and misconduct incidents involving children and vulnerable people to help organisations look beyond the individual and identify how they can reduce risk and enhance prevention culture at a systemic level. ICAM’s support institutions by helping them achieve and sustain compliance.

FamSAFE have also partnered with occupational health and safety industry leaders SafetyWise. Together, we undertake ICAM investigations into OH&S incidents involving children, young and vulnerable people to enable industries to improve their safety management systems.


The process of participating in a complaint or investigation can be traumatic for all parties, from the victim to all those involved who investigate, support and coordinate the organisational response as well as the subject of the complaint or concern. Employers have an obligation to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all parties – FamSAFE can help.

Mediation focuses on dispute resolution techniques to assist those who are involved in an incident. It is an independent and confidential process where an impartial mediator can facilitate a discussion between the parties involved, to resolve issues and work towards a positive outcome.

Governance, Risk & Compliance Services

Governance Training & Support

Safeguarding starts at the top. Boards, C-Suite Leaders and Executives need a clear and comprehensive understanding of the moral, ethical, regulatory and legal obligations to provide a safe environment for children and vulnerable people.

FamSAFE are experienced in providing advisory services, professional development and strategic governance support to ensure that organisations can meet their duty of care. We prioritise understanding the operating environment and cultural context of your organisation prior to activation to ensure that our service offering is relevant, reliable and long-lasting.

Institutional Risk Assessments

Identifying and managing safeguarding risks is a complex task. Traditional methodologies focus on likelihood, meaning that incidents of purposeful harm and abuse of vulnerable people are perceived as a ‘black swan’ event in many industries – this means businesses fail to adequately prevent and prepare for critical incidents such as child abuse, sexual exploitation, sexual assault, rape and physical assault.

FamSAFE’s institutional Risk Assessment is a specific child safety risk framework that is informed by key risk domains referenced by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and whilst supporting the AS/NZS ISO 31000: 200 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines. This means that FamSAFE can help you understand your specific institutional risks to children and young people, and, how these risks impact your broader enterprise risks (such as financial, reputational, legal and regulatory risks).

Regulatory Management Services

Compliance Health Checks

Are you confident that your organisation is meeting its compliance obligations? If you answered no, FamSAFE can help.

If you answered yes, the next question to consider is “how do you know”? Many organisations believe they are compliant until an event, incident or complaint demonstrates that they are not.  

FamSAFE conducts assessments of organisational compliance obligations and are specialists in the assessment of the Victorian Child Safe Standards. Our methodology provides organisations with a snapshot of the current state, and line of sight to risks, issues and opportunities which were previously not visible. Clients are provided with a detailed assessment report and priority recommendations to enable scaled, sustainable quality improvement.

Regulatory Liaison

If your organisation is subject to enforcement action, regulatory review or if concerns have been raised about the compliance of your operations, FamSAFE can help. We support organisations who are subject to reporting, reviews or investigations by regulatory bodies.

Education & Professional Development

Ensuring your leaders, staff and volunteers have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the health, safety and protection of children, young and vulnerable people is not only important – in some cases, it is also the law.

FamSAFE design and deliver training packages which are tailored to meet your organisational context, desired learning outcomes and align to your obligations. FamSAFE’s training is industry relevant and delivered with the rights of children, young and vulnerable people at the centre, providing an opportunity for participants to see risk from the lens of children, young and vulnerable people whilst understanding that the absence of indicators does not necessarily mean that children, young and vulnerable people are safe.

Indicators of Harm Training

Indicators of harm training provides awareness and guidance to staff and volunteers about the possible risks and relationships that may pose a risk to children, young and vulnerable people who are directly or indirectly involved with your industry and/or organisation.

This training package explores the verbal, developmental, behavioural and physical signs that indicate a child, young or vulnerable person is at risk of is suspected of experiencing abuse, harm or neglect in the home, organisation or workplace.

Investigation & Investigative Interview Training

Our investigative interview framework and other investigation training are informed by leading experts in the field. You and your staff will learn about the theory, process and structure of planning and undertaking investigations, and the specialist skills required to elicit information during an interview and enable a quality assessment to be performed.

Prevention Services

Event & Worksite Safety

Considering the safety of children, young and vulnerable.

FamSAFE can assist you with planning a child-safe event through environmental scanning or reviewing environmental risks at your place of work which are unique to children and young people. Whether it’s a Christmas work party, local council event or public fundraiser, we’ll use our knowledge and experience to support your organisation to keep children and young people safe at your event.

Our Industry Experts

Ensuring current advice and best practice delivery